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These colorful world coins will enhance your collection

Updated: Jun 14

When we first looked at these colorful world coins, we were drawn to the vibrant colors, luster, strike, and designs. They commemorate people, places, events, ideas, and even animals. Colorful coins will enhance your coin collection.

Here are ten coins available in our Woodland Treasure online store. They are listed alphabetically by continent and country. Each image links to the coin in our online store.

We'll start with Africa.

This coin is a gorgeous 1967 one Rand from South Africa. It has a portrait of Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd, considered the father of apartheid, on the obverse and celebrates the one-year anniversary of his death and the end of apartheid. The coin contains .386 oz of .8 silver and was designed by Tommy Sasseen.

Asia is our next continent.

The Panda coin is from China and is in a colorful NGC holder. Southwestern China is the only place in the world where Pandas exist. China gives real Pandas as gifts to foreign countries to symbolize peace and harmony, and friendship and coexistence.

The obverse has a different picture of a Panda every year and the reverse can change as well, celebrating an event or place. The coin contains 30 grams of .999 pure silver.

The next coin is from Japan.

This 1899 Japanese one Sen coin is graded by PCGS as MS-63 Red Brown. This coin has a lot of red color in it. In fact, PCGS has not graded many higher. The designs are beautiful on this (for circulation coin) that celebrates Japan and it's culture.

Europe is next.

This 1965 50 Schilling Austria proof coin is the highest graded colorful coin in our inventory. It is stunning. It is graded Proof-68 by PCGS and the only 68 at all grading services. It commemorates the 600th anniversary of the founding of Vienna University. The obverse portrays Duke Rudolf Der Stifter, the founder of the university. The coin contains .5787 oz of .9 fine silver. Designer of the obverse is Edwin Grienauer and reverse is Ferdinand Welz. This is an extremely nice coin.

Europe and Germany are represented next.

This a 1915A, low mintage, three mark coin from Germany. It has a mintage of only 1,400 and is nearly uncirculated at a grade of AU-58. The piece was minted in Berlin and the obverse celebrates the marriage of Ernst August and Viktoria Louise Herzog (Duke and Duchess) with their portraits. They were married in 1913. The coin is 90% silver with the silver weight at 27.777 grams.

Following Germany on this group of coins is Great Britain.

Here is a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in a 1922 coin. It has a very low mintage of only 3,000 and contains five ounces of silver in a proof-70 coin. It is the first effigy of King Charles on a coin following the passing of his mother, the Queen. The effigy was approved by Charles and created by Martin Jennings. Following tradition, his portrait faces left while the Queen , on the obverse, faces the opposite direction.

Next, we travel across the Atlantic to North America and Canada.

Canada celebrated the 100-year anniversary of its confederation in 1967 and it's coins reflected this. The half dollar coin had a howling wolf on the reverse. Other denomination coins showed different animals on the reverse. The obverse has a young bust of the Queen facing right. The designer of the coin was Alex Colville. This was the last year of 80% silver coins in Canada. This particular coin is the only coin graded PL-69 at all services with no higher grades. This is a true top population coin.

The remaining coins all come from Canada as well.

This is a phenomenal rainbow-toned Canadian Voyageur Dollar from 1972. The reverse has an Indian and a Voyageur in a canoe. The front package in the canoe has the initials HB which stands for the Hudsons Bay Company. The vertical lines in back of the travelers represent the Northern Lights. Canadian coins are mainly named and differ because of their reverse designs. The obverse always has an effigy of the current monarch. This coin is graded SP-67 and contains .3750 oz of silver.

Here is an incredible 1977 Canada Jubilee Dollar. It honors the twenty-five year anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II becoming monarch, or the Silver Jubilee. The obverse shows the Queen at thirty seven years old and the reverse has the throne of the Senate. This beautiful coin was designed by Raymond Lee.

This last coin is a Henry Kelsey Dollar. It depicts Kelsey conversing with a Native American guide on the reverse and of course the Queen on the obverse. Kelsey apprenticed with the Hudson Bay Company in England and was sent to Canada to trade for the company in 1684. He is thought to be the first White man to travel to Saskatchewan in 1690. He spoke many native languages and was instrumental in setting up trade with the Native Americans. He ended his Canadian career as governor of the Hudson Bay Company. The coin is graded MS-69 and has incredible toning. It is a non-circulating coin that is .500 silver and weighs 23.3276 grams.

For more details on any of these colorful world coins, click on the photos. Some of these colorful world coins are rare finds. As always, it is a pleasure to share our collectible coins,. We entertain negotiations on certain coins and provide customers with outstanding customer service. Contact us via phone, text, email, or visit our website, Woodland Treasure. (contact information is listed below). Thanks for looking.

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