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Why the 2014 American Silver Eagle with CAC MS-70 Grade is so Rare

The evolution of coin grading at the revamped CACG expanded its scope to include the grading of silver eagles starting in 2023. Before then, CAC did not grade American Silver Eagles. They focused solely on adding a sticker to vintage coins. It is likely that the number of 2014 silver eagles graded as MS-70 by CAC will remain at or near 373. Below you will find CAC graded population reports from 2011 through 2017, which includes the 2014.

The silver eagles that were meant to be graded before 2023 have already been graded by other grading services. It is not likely that many more hoards exist, nor will collectors be inclined to cross over to CAC. The fact is that CAC has graded a total of 84,112 silver eagles as MS-70; 82,509 of them were dated 2023 and 2024 when they started grading these coins. So, from 1986 (when silver eagles were first minted), through 2022 there were only 1,603 of these silver coins graded as MS-70 by CAC.

In summary, for the 37 years from 1986 through 1922, only 1,603 coins were graded as 70's while 82,509 were graded as MS-70 in just 2023 and 2024. CAC population reports for the last two years are included in the table below.

The old saying is to "buy the coin and not the holder," but I think in this case the holder adds value. It's very rare to find a 2014 American Silver Eagle in CACG MS-70 condition in a small monster box hoard. With less than 400 of these coins in existence, this is a highly sought-after addition to any coin collection. The CACG MS-70 grade ensures that this coin is in perfect, mint state condition, making it a valuable and pristine piece for any collector. Don't miss the opportunity to add this exceptional 2014 American Silver Eagle to your collection.

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