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The Season of Peace and the Peace Dollar

We should all be at peace, especially during the holiday season. Sadly, this is not the case throughout the world.

World Peace
Our Wish is for World Peace

History continues to repeat itself. Following World War I, numismatists lobbied the US Mint to issue a coin memorializing peace. The Peace Dollar was approved by Congress and the first one was minted on Dec. 28, 1921 and continued through 1928

and then again in 1934 and 1935.

Anthony De Francisci beat out seven other artists, some famous, to win a design contest for the Peace Dollar. His wife was the model for Ms. Liberty on the obverse. Originally, there was a sword on the reverse, which was removed before production. Most didn't think a sword represented peace. The word PEACE is on the reverse below an eagle.

It takes 24 coins to complete a set with all dates and mint marks. 1922-1926 are the more common dates, while the rest are tougher to find. The 1921 (first year) was a high relief coin and these were tough to mint without going through a lot of dies. If you find one with full detail, keep it. From 1922 on, the coins were designed with a lower relief to correct the problem with the dies.

Take 10% off Peace Dollars at Woodland Treasure this holiday season
Take 10% off Peace Dollars at Woodland Treasure this holiday season

To promote peace and to commemorate the 100-year old Peace Dollar, we are offering 10% off all Peace Dollars on our Woodland Treasure website for the holiday season. These are choice, uncirculated and above coins. No coupon necessary. This is a great way to introduce your children or grandchildren to the world of numismatics. Give them a common date Peace Dollar as a gift. They make great stocking stuffers.

Let's enjoy the season and try to understand each other more. Mother Teresa said it best, “Peace begins with a smile."

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