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Revolutionizing Numismatics: The Rise of CAGC and the Evolution of Coin Grading

Explore the transformative journey of numismatics with the inception of CACG, a game-changer in coin grading, as we delve into the organization's origins, its impact on both vintage and modern coins, and the introduction of signature labels, ushering in a new era of excellence for collectors.

The Evolution of Coin Grading is Here
Revolutionizing Numismatics: The Rise of CAGC and the Evolution of Coin Grading

How it all started

CAC was established in 2007 by John Albanese, a key figure in the founding of two major grading services, PCGS and NGC, along with twenty-two influential members of the numismatic community. The organization's primary objective was to champion the interests of hobbyists by implementing a highly rigorous grading standard. Functioning as a verifier of previously certified coins, CAC exclusively acknowledges coins from PCGS and NGC that meet the highest standards, as denoted by their renowned green sticker. Less than half of all coins submitted to CAC receive the esteemed CAC sticker.

Out with the old and in with the new

The CAC brand is universally recognized as the ultimate mark of quality. On October 2, 2023, John Albanese and approximately 150 dealers and investors introduced a new grading and authenticating company, CACG. The transition involves phasing out the green and gold stickers on holders from other grading companies over several years. With CACG, you now receive exemplary grading for a single fee, and the distinctive green bean is integrated into the slab. The company has curated a team of world-class graders, ensuring consistency through the use of grading sets, eliminating the need for dual services.

The evolution of coin grading

While the original CAC focused solely on adding a sticker to vintage coins, the evolution of coin grading at the revamped CACG has expanded its scope to include the grading of modern coins. This includes modern silver, clad, and gold commemoratives (1982-present) as well as silver and gold American Eagles (1986-present). Both programs are highly popular among collectors and organizers of major projects, with the commemorative program contributing over half a billion dollars to museums and memorials through mint surcharges. The American Silver Eagle coin, in particular, enjoys immense popularity among collectors.

Traditionally, collectors eagerly await the annual issuance of the one-dollar, one-ounce, .999 silver eagle by the mint in January, graded by PCGS or NGC as either MS-69 or MS-70. The introduction of CACG signifies a shift, as now there may be coins that grade below MS-69, challenging the notion of perfection. The new standards, emphasizing flawless appearance under 5x magnification, will ultimately benefit collectors.

NEW! Signature Labels

CACG has entered the realm of signature labels, a pioneering move that adds a new dimension to building coin sets. The initial offering includes "Founders" labels featuring the signatures of founding members of CAC. Approximately fifteen founders will be involved, with the first being Paul Nugget.

Signature Label by CACG Co-founder Paul Nugget
Inaugural Signature Label by CACG Co-founder Paul Nugget

Having entered the rare coin business in 1969, Nugget is renowned for his extensive knowledge of all US coins, particularly specializing in gold. He is a prominent buyer of gold globally, having been a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild since 1980 and a life member of the American Numismatic Association since 1976. Nugget's contributions extend to various hobby organizations, including Florida United Numismatists, the Central States Numismatic Society, and the 20th Century Gold Club. He is a regular contributor to A Guide Book of United States Coins and has authored numerous numismatic articles.

Pre-Sale is on!

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