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Monster Boxes: A Precious Treasure in the Bullion Market

Updated: Mar 4

A sealed Monster Box from the United States Mint, Silver Eagle Coin
A sealed Monster Box from the United States Mint, Silver Eagle Coin

In the world of bullion trading there exists a hidden gem known only to the initiated few – the mysterious Monster Box. While the silver coins they contain are minted far and wide, it's the US Mint and the Canadian Mint, along with their counterparts in Austria and Australia, that hold the keys to this coveted treasure trove.

What exactly is a Monster Box? They are not ordinary containers; they're the Fort Knox of the bullion world, reserved exclusively for authorized bullion dealers. They hold a wealth of silver coins, meticulously packed and sealed straight from the mint.

The renowned Silver American Eagle Monster Box, for instance, contains 25 tubes with twenty coins each. That's a staggering 500 troy ounces of pure silver in a single box!

Coins in sealed Monster boxes often fetch a higher resale value than "loose" coins, since a sealed box has the potential of containing MS-70 quality coins and the coins have never been handled.

A collector's journey with Monster Boxes

A bullion collector had a small hoard of 2014 monster boxes. This hoard had sealed boxes that were never searched. Upon contemplating the best way to add value to this hidden away treasure, he decided to send them into CACG for certification and grading.

The CAC brand is universally recognized as the ultimate mark of quality. With CACG, you now receive exemplary grading for a single fee, and the distinctive green bean is integrated into the slab. The company has curated a team of world-class graders. The bullion hoarder was looking to get Some MS-70 graded coins out of his silver treasure. He did get some, but less than 400 came back as Mint State 70.

Woodland Treasure has fifty of these MS-70's with the monster box label!

Stack of Graded MS70 2014 Silver Eagle Coins
Stack of Graded MS70 2014 Silver Eagle Coins

Limited graded coins from a Monster Box now available

While the original CAC focused solely on adding a sticker to vintage coins, the evolution of coin grading at the revamped CACG expanded its scope to include the grading of silver eagles starting in 2023. Before then, CACG did not exist and it is unlikely that a lot of hoards exist that haven't been graded. It is likely that the small amount of less than 400 coins with this label will remain at the current level. Don't expect many more 2014 MS-70's to come on the market with monster box labels.

Graded MS70 2014 Silver Eagle Coin
Graded MS70 2014 Silver Eagle Coin

They say buy the coin and not the holder, but I think in this case the holder adds value. These can be purchased from Woodland Treasure for $99.00 each. Don't miss out. Every coin we sell comes with a no-questions asked 30-day return privilege.

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